Valentine’s HatBox Flowers

Our Hat Boxes have sophisticated and stylish look and are made from premium and recyclable materials. High-quality French suede fabric give them a soft and luxurious feel. There's no need in different container or vase for the flowers. Hat Boxes are easy to transport and carry.

HatBox Flowers gift is a perfect combination of premium blooms, professional neat design and stylish packaging. This beauty would definitely bring sunshine to anyone and make them feel special!

Our Valentines Hat Box arrangements are made to order.

  • Premium size Boxes (D7H7.8”) are available in burgundy, dark blue, light brown and chocolate.

  • Deluxe size Boxes (D9H10.3") are available in ivory, light brown and chocolate.

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Our Valentines Hat Box arrangements are made to order. We offer two color mixes: deep and bold reds with purples and soft pastel tones. Please make sure to include your preferences in Special Instructions.
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