Things to start with. Decoding the Quote from Wedding florist

“What should I start with?”,  “What does affect the flower budget?” are the most common and of course reasonable questions brides ask themselves when they start planning their wedding flowers.
“What should I start with?”

At the very beginning there are 3 things that need to be set: the vision, the size of wedding and the overall budget you’re comfortable to work with. If you have 200 guests attending, you can estimate having minimum 20 tables = minimum 20 flower centerpieces. Those 20 pieces could be low or elevated, smaller or more substantial, made of peonies and garden roses or variety of greens with some flower accents. If we work with rustic, enchanted forest or wood-inspired styles, we are able to create a detailed and stylish look for a more friendly price. But if you’re going for something exquisite (e.g. Elegant Classic, Art Deco or Gatsby styles, etc.) requiring premium and/or exotic material to be featured that would certainly require a more serious investment in terms of florals and additional decor to transform the venue. It’s also very important that the floral and other decor is appropriate and goes together with the interior and style of the venue you’ve chosen.

So, these are 3 basic things to start your planning with:
▪️ Number of guests/Size of wedding;
▪️ Venue;
▪️ Style/Preliminary Vision.

When we get the basic information about your wedding, we are able to provide you with an Initial Estimate/Quote. How to read those numbers? Where do they come from? What does the florist do? Let’s decode that:
▪️Developing a vision, creating a proposal and flower pre-order. That takes time, a lot of time! Developing the style, color combinations and working on all the details, selecting floral material and pre-order the amounts to have everything covered.
▪️ Cost of flowers. Some flowers are just more expensive than others, and we work hard on sourcing high-quality product to make your wedding flowers stand out and work best with your budget
▪️ ‘Mechanics’ supplies and additional decor: wire, floral tape, pins, candles, vases, ribbon, bouquet holders etc
▪️ Labor: Prep work. And this part is a lot more labor-intensive than most would assume. Before we can start designing we receive, unpack, clean, remove excess greenery, cut and process all the flowers and greenery individually stem by stem. And often we do that two or three times making sure that buds have bloomed perfectly by the time they arrive at your event.
▪️ Labor: Designing. Each item takes time, the more elaborate and complex the design is the more time and expertise are required to create that.
▪️ Transportation, set-up and clean-up: Loading process, traveling to the venue, unloading and setting up starting hours before the ceremony, wait to breakdown the chuppah/arch, move things around, and clean up after the ceremony.
▪️ Late pick-up fee: Coming back to the venue at the end of the night to remove the decor, collect the rentals and assist with clean up.

We don’t have a fixed minimum, calculating the Estimate individually for each couple based on wedding size and style, because everyone’s floral needs are different and the possibilities are endless. We respect our client’s choices, ideas and budget and we seek to understand and work together to reach the best results based on your vision. 😍✌🏻

Image: Kadri Photo

Image: Kadri Photo