Recycle the happiness

#recycleyourblooms : Today’s info post is about post-event flowers: What to do with your flowers after wedding or other special event? There are some thoughtful post-event options to recycle the happiness and give a new life to your beautiful blooms:
🌸 You can recycle your flowers by having guests take them home. Be sure to check with your florist on vases/containers before the event;
🌸 Preserve your Bridal Bouquet and create a sentimental keepsake for generations to come:) The most popular techniques are freeze dry and press. You should decide whether you want to preserve your whole bouquet or just a few blooms and contact professional service to make arrangement. Recommendation: does a great job!
🌸 Donate them. If you consider donating your flowers but don’t know how, here’s a great service to assist - It’s a local company in Boston dedicated to reusing donated flowers to bring cheer and joy to others. This is a great opportunity to make a meaningful impact, spread kindness and love by donating your flowers to great causes!

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